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How to: Clean your Makeup Brushes

There has never been a better time than now, to clean your makeup brushes. A clean makeup brush is key for both good application and skin, yet it’s often something we delay and is far down on our list of things to do. Here, we’ll look at why you need to clean your makeup brushes, how often to do it…

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The Melody Collection by Zoeva

The latest collection from Zoeva is “a reminder to listen to the whispers within your heart telling you to break free, transform, and become who you were always meant to be,” says  Zoe Boikou, CEO & Founder of ZOEVA  MELODY EYESHADOW PALETTE These soft, shimmering, and transformative eyeshadows, were each created exclusively for the MELODY PALETTE. With an ultra-rich texture,…

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Iconic Chrome Jelly Highlighter

Are You Ready for This Jelly?

If you like to make your features pop using highlighter, then this new trend is one to try. We’re big fans of contour and highlight but we must admit we were guilty of thinking that highlighter had reached its peak with so many formula options to choose from. Well pressed, loose, cream and liquid highlight can stand by for now,…

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