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Body Scrub

Body Scrubs + Exfoliation Tips

A good body scrub should always be in your beauty cabinet! We’ve put together a list our of our favourite body scrubs to buff your skin from the neck down, but what are the benefits of exfoliation and how often should you scrub? Why should you exfoliate? Exfoliating your body not only removes dead skin cells and smooths the surface,…

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Skip Towel Drying with Sanctuary Spa

Sanctuary Spa have launched a Wet Skin Moisture Miracle, giving us time to indulge in a few minutes of meditation, make a cuppa, set your intentions for the day, and plan a killer outfit for work.Skip your towel drying after your shower when you apply  the Wet Skin Moisture Miracle instead. Sanctuary Spa is the genius behind this time-saving body…

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