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Avocado for beauty

Avocado for Beauty

Avocado for Beauty? This delicious green fruit doesn’t just have to be smashed and slathered on toast or made into guacamole (as tasty as that is!) Avocados are naturally nutrient-dense and contain an astonishing number of essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals (nearly 20 to be exact!), as well as fatty acids that do wonders for your body and not just…

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Trevor Sorbie Launches Precious Oil Range

The Trevor Sorbie Salon Care Collection launches Precious Oil Range designed to bring dull locks back to life. Just in time for summer when the heat, humidity and dust wrech havoc with our hair, the Trevor Sorbie Precious Oils range is what our locks need for that extra dose of nourishment.  The Precious Oils range contains vitamin-rich Argan and Inca…

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The First Ever Micellar Shampoo from Charles Worthington

Award-winning hairdresser Charles Worthington has launched the first ever Micellar Shampoo. How does it work? The Everyday Gentle Micellar Shampoo operates like a tiny magnet which effectively picks up impurities, pollution and grease from hair without stripping or weighing it down. The effective cleansing agents ensure that colour treated hair is left feeling vibrant and protected, helping to prolong the…

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Top 3 Hair Products to Try This April

Check out the Haircare that should be on your shopping list this April.  Kérastase Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum 90ml, $36 (pictured above) Do you have dry hair? If so, then the Kérastase Nutritive Night Repair is a must-try! A magic non-greasy serum designed to work while your sleep that requires no rinsing in the morning. Iris Root extract and…

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Could Rassoul Clay Be The Trick to Voluminous Locks?

This new haircare range features magnesium-rich Rassoul clay Bring your locks back to life with Christophe Robin’s Volumizing HairCare Range specially formulated with pure Rassoul clay and rose extracts to give strands natural volume and fullness without weighing it down. The products pay homage to age-old rituals, with Rassoul clay sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to restore the scalps’…

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