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SUVA Beauty Hydra FX Lustre

Go Bold with SUVA Beauty Hydra FX Lustre

Neon’s are big talk right now in makeup and if you like a bold look or are just feeling the urge to try something different, the new SUVA Beauty Hydra FX Lustre liners are for you. Since SUVA (pronounced SOO-VAH) Beauty’s launch in early 2015, its founder Shaina Azad has created a brand that represents her artistry and personal style.…

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Get Ready For This Spring 2019 Collection

Marc Jacobs launches the Spring 2019 Eye collection   STEP 1 Inspired by cool, neutral tones, this Steel(etto) limited edition Eye-conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette ($63) features various textures and colours that can be layered. A buttery matte velvet, shimmering sating, sparkling silk and metallic lamé are the four fashion finishes you can sport. The velvety-rich pigment lasts for hours, so…

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