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Beauty Sleep is Real!

It’s a term we use all the time “I need my beauty sleep” and the fact is it’s real and we’re getting it now, more so than over. Hopefully! You may or may not know this, but beauty sleep is essential for your skin and overall health. When you sleep, not only does your body recharge but your skin does…

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Reem Abou Samra Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Reem Abou Samra, owner & founder of French-inspired five-star beauty salon LaLoge shares her 5 top beauty tips with AliaBeauty Keep your skin hydrated… When your skin is dehydrated it creates excess oil which can lead to breakouts and irritation. Always use a daily moisturiser, introduce sheet masks into your skincare routine to add instant moisture to your skin and…

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Filorga launches new OXYGEN-GLOW Range

FILORGA has launched OXYGEN-GLOW, the 1st #NOFILTERSKIN range for perfect skin in any lighting with no cheating! Filorga Oxygen-Glow range allows for double perfection #nofilterskin thanks to its intensive flawless skin action by super skin boosting factors including Energising Oxygen-Booster, smoothing and plumping Hyaluronic Acid and Detoxifying L-Enzyme. It’s every woman’s dream to be able to get rid of wrinkles,…

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The Benefits of Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is a term we throw around so often, more so to describe the lack of it in our daily routine. We recently touched upon what happens when you get a full seven to eight-hours beauty sleep (read here). At this year’s Sleep Expo Middle East, we caught up with Marija Šoštarić, Co-founder of Tamryn (a bespoke fitness company that…

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