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The Power of Argan Oil

PARTNERED CONTENT: This liquid gold oil – that hails from Morocco – has numerous benefits for, you guessed it, your skin. But did you know argan oil works wonders on your locks too? Over the years, it has gradually made an appearance in hair care as it’s packed with Omegas, antioxidants and Vitamin E We know, not everyone has jumped…

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Trevor Sorbie Launches Precious Oil Range

The Trevor Sorbie Salon Care Collection launches Precious Oil Range designed to bring dull locks back to life. Just in time for summer when the heat, humidity and dust wrech havoc with our hair, the Trevor Sorbie Precious Oils range is what our locks need for that extra dose of nourishment.  The Precious Oils range contains vitamin-rich Argan and Inca…

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5 Tips to Revive Your Hair

Tracey Devine, Creative Director and Affinage’s Global Ambassador shares her top tips to revive your hair in 2019 Cut your split ends. Trims are recommended every 4-6 weeks to keep dead ends, old colour and chemical build up at bay. Regular trims also boost hair growth. Sort out your cosmetic cabinet. Treat yourself to some self-love by investing in sulphate…

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