Joelle Mardinian, TV personality, make up artist and founder of Joelle Paris shares her favourite Ramadan beauty tips


Skincare is absolutely important to me. I have created my brand, Joelle Paris, because I know Arab women are good with makeup. But they were missing good quality skincare products that were gentle and could be used by all – women, men and kids.

  • While I believe skincare is something that requires consistency and you must do your best all year round, Ramadan does need something extra. For one, in Dubai, Ramadan usually comes around during summer – I cannot stress enough on the importance of water intake. Plan how you are going to take in at least 1.5 to 2 litres each day. It shows on your skin and it is so important that your skin is hydrated from within. You can apply anything on the surface but if it is not skin deep, your body does not have enough hydration and your skin is going to show it.


  • The next important step is sunblock! Of course without a doubt, even more important during summer months. Good day by Joelle Paris is made using seven Alpine plants and has cooling licorice. Apply 15 to 20 minutes before heading out into the sun for maximum effect and the best part is that it is so blendable in the skin, without the white residue that most fear. Works as a great primer too!


  • Carry a hydrating refreshing mist in your bag while on the go. Its cool by Joelle Paris has the essence of rose water and refreshes the skin like no other. The floral rose smell is just another benefit! Keep it refrigerated at home and carry it in your handbag for a quick spritz through the day. Also works so well for ladies switching between work and Iftar gatherings.


  • This goes without saying, but eat well. Ramadan is a blessed month and allows us to really detox mind, body and soul. While it could be busy for many, try and enjoy the beauty of this month. Worry less and experience more. Don’t eat too less and don’t over indulge post Iftar. Try and stick to lighter foods at Iftar and load on the fibre rich foods at Suhoor. This is eventually the secret to a radiant glow on Eid, and always!


  • Don’t forget your vitamins, ladies!

  • So the trend ‘Less is more’ really is most important during Ramadan. As long as you are taking care of your skin, any light makeup look will compliment your features. Use a light coverage foundation or a tinted moisturizer and ensure you powder it lightly for a matte effect.


  • Eye shadows are best muted. Think peaches, browns, light pinks and shadows that really go with your natural skin tone. Shimmers and glitters are best for fancier evening events. If you do like using an eyeliner for your eyes, use a pencil and smudge it for a softer look.


  • Lipsticks are great and statement lips are always in. Choose your coloUr of a good liquid matte and you can use all the vintage pinks, nudes, corals matched to your favourite Ramadan look.


  • Some of us do, unfortunately, have the under eye stress. And as I mentioned about skincare, the lack of hydration most likely leads to dark circles under the eyes. Usually I would recommend applying a coloUr corrector before the concealer; however to keep things simple, try and pick your products that are portable and lightweight, and remember a coloUr corrector is best used in small amounts, dabbed in using your finger.


  • Contour and highlight – lets be a little easy on this one for Ramadan. A sun kissed look is great and a little dust of light bronzer will do that trick, rather than a sharp contour and blinding highlight, go for a dewy setting spray instead of highlight.

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