If you want the same results as botox, but will a youthful result, try baby botox

baby botox


Baby Botox has been an emerging cosmetic surgery trend for the past few years as it gives a natural look, rather than the frozen look that is so often associated with Botox. This ‘au naturel’ look is very subtle and ensures that you look refreshed and rejuvenated. Baby or mini Botox treatments involve tiny doses of Botox which are injected into the usual areas such as the forehead – for instance instead of administering two or three syringes per treatment as you do with a traditional Botox treatment; with baby Botox one, or even half a syringe would be used. This means more movement is present in the face. It is a treatment that can be used as preventive rather than overly corrective, which is why it is gaining popularity amongst millennials.

You can even take it one step further – for example If the treatment is combined with micro-injections of skin boosters made of antioxidants, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid – to improve on, maintain, and protect the skin of the face.

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