Dr. Kayle explains the growing demand of a tweakment


The concept of tweakments arose as there has been a growing demand for treatments that offer natural results and subtle improvements, but which avoid someone having to go under the knife.

Generally, the word “tweakment” is used to describe subtle, barely noticeable cosmetic procedures – basically anything that is more involved than makeup, but less invasive than surgery.

That means Botox is classed as a “tweakment”; as are lip injections, chemical peels and fillers. But there is a whole new generation of tweakments available that offer aesthetic improvements and whose results are mind-blowing.

First of all, there are now injections that can dissolve fat, which means that you no longer need to undergo liposuction to rid yourself of those unwanted inches! Another emerging tweakment is facial contouring, which means the shape of the face has been cosmetically altered. This can take many forms, including the use of threads to lift and changing the shape of the soft tissue on the face by using fillers to increase volume. The most popular filler is Juvederm, which is made with hyaluronic acid (HA) a skin-plumping sugar that’s already in your body, which instantly juices up hollow cheeks and deep nose-to-mouth lines.

Incidentally, another off-label use for fillers on a tweakment menu is the non-surgical nose job. This is a form of nose reshaping that uses dermal filler as an effective alternative to surgical rhinoplasty. The fillers are used to subtly enhance the contours of the patient’s nose and reshape it to provide more definition. Most patients experience little swelling but can go back to work immediately.

In the right hands, these tweakments can offer terrific improvements to your appearance but most importantly – and a huge reason for their popularity – no one will ever know that you have “had something done”. After one of these procedures, you will just look like a fresher, younger, better version of yourself!

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