Powerhouse ingredient Vitamin C instantly brightens and tightens skin and should be an essential element of every skincare regime. If you aren’t using this vitamin daily, give your skin an instant antioxidant-boost with these masks from Skincare Republic. It helps reduce inflammation, pigmentation, and promotes healthy collagen production.

Although it should be part of every skincare regime, they aren’t made equal. Certain types of the vitamin break down and are less effective when exposed to oxygen. What you need to look for in Vitamin C products is an ascorbic acid.

Skin Republic’s range of three brightening masks contains the ascorbic acid derivative of vitamin C making them incredibly effective at targeting pigmentation and uneven skin tones. Take your pick from these three:

Brightening Face Mask Sheet (AED22)

Brightening Eye Mask (AED 30 for 3 masks)

Step Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask (AED 27)

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