During pregnancy, it’s natural for your body to experience change. From pre-natal care, to diet, vitamins, staying fit and healthy and more, there is certainly a lot to think about. As your body goes through some of the biggest changes it ever will over the course of your pregnancy journey, looking after yourself and skin is also a priority.

Karissa Stelma, Founder of The Simplicity Line became invested in the power of natural ingredients when she was pregnant with her first daughter in 2010. After experimenting with her own formulas and after a personal and challenging journey of IVF in 2018, she truly took stock of exactly what was affecting her fertility as well as anything touching her skin. Karissa became attuned to the importance of ingredients and the impact they have of the journey of fertility – from the foods she ate to every product that touched her skin. It was this that inspired her to launch The Simplicity Line, to help other women who are concerned for their skin, their health and their fertility.

Here she shares top tips to keep in mind during pregnancy:

1. Avoid toxic ingredients in your skincare products. Anything chemical based should really be avoided – go as organic as possible and use natural ingredients that nourish the skin.

2. Stretch marks can be hereditary and sometimes unavoidable for many people. However, you can assist your stretching skin and minimize the fierceness of potential stretch marks by using a body balm, focusing on the stomach, breasts and hips.

3. Gentle exercise once a day can increase circulation and bring nutrients to your skin. The burst of endorphins will also encourage happy feelings and help you achieve a great night’s sleep.

4. The one cardinal beauty rule, drink lots of water! This also applies during pregnancy where staying hydrated is key and will help keep your complexion clear. If you are feeling extremely nauseous, a squeeze on lemon can help with the taste.

5. Regular relaxation is so important for both your wellbeing and skin. Treating yourself to a bath and make time for an evening ritual can do wonders for your stress levels and help keep you calm, clear and above all, healthy throughout your special journey.

If you’re looking for a body balm made with 100% organic ingredients including shea, mango and cocoa butter, helichrysum, frankincense, pomegranate and rosehip seed oil, olive oil and beeswax, try the NINE Stretch Mark Savior by The Simplicity Line™.

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