Best known for their almond oil products, L’Occitane have released a Shower Shake that makes showering all the more enjoyable

The all-new L’Occitane Shower Shake is like a milkshake for your shower. Enriched with almond oil from Provence and almond milk, this bi-phase shower gel comprises two different textures that become a deliciously milky formula when mixed together. Tiny steel balls help the phases to mix and create a shaker sound effect. All you have to do is shake the bottle when ready to use, and maybe sing a song out loud too while it mixes.

With the L’Occitane Shower Shake, you get the best out of both textures – decadent and oil, and soft and milky. Breathe in the subtle scent as you wash yourself with the shake, or massage and lather up your skin for that silky, soft feeling.

32.49 USD in L’Occitane stores across the middle east and online