Our weekly columnist, Rebecca Treston, Founder of Rebecca Treston Aesthetics, Euromed Clinic Dubai answers readers’ queries

Is there any way I can make my lips appear fuller without filler injections?

You will be pleased to know there is. Thanks to advances in laser technology, many clinics throughout the world are offering a procedure called LipLase Enhancement. Dubbed the ‘non-surgical laser lip Augmentation’, this treatment has become wildly popular with aesthetic clinic regulars due to the ethos of natural rejuvenation that lies at the heart of this concept.

As we age, our lips shrink in size and the once-spongey vermillion border seems to turn downwards, leaving a path of wrinkles in its wake. This is because aging, the dynamic enemy of youth, slows down at a cellular level, which inhibits collagen and elastin, resulting in our once rosebud-like pout becoming thin, dry and pale in colour. The cracked split, chaffed lips lacking colour and lustre (which unfortunately for us now more closely resembles our beloved Middle Eastern terrain!) beg for a treatment that can revive the fountain of a youthful pout.

In the past, interventions for such noticeable changes were limited to semi-permanent makeup and lip fillers, both of which can result in a fake and/or odd look. With patient demand for non-invasive aesthetic alternatives for lip plumping and rejuvenating growing, laser research culminated in the birth of LipLase treatments.

So what is LipLase and how can it reverse the hands, or rather lips, of time?

LipLase is a hybrid technology combing gold standard energy to rejuvenate the lips and the mouth area. Employing a similar technology to that used in vaginal tightening treatments, the laser works with a deep penetrating erbium smooth mode, which can be used to great effect on the mucosa of the inner cheek walls, as well as the inner lips of the mouth. This entirely safe procedure creates a wound healing response, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and in turn enhances oxygen and nourishment stocks in the vascularity that supply the area.

The outer lips can be stimulated with a deep penetrating Nd YAG laser, whilst a different depth approach or erbium can be used to gently exfoliate dry, damaged lips; ensuring extra care is taken around the vermillion border to raise the perfect pout. At this point perioral lip wrinkles can also be addressed leaving the patient with a dazzling youthful and natural smile. It is worth bearing in mind that this treatment won’t give huge amounts of volume but rather a natural youthful healthy appearance. Nervous patients that want to opt for an invasive treatment such as fillers can use this to gauge how their lips will look slightly fuller and whether they like the results.

Crucially for lovers of a natural look, the laser works to stimulate one’s own collagen so therefore it is impossible to achieve a look that is unnatural or fake- and best of all, results also improve over time! Patients love the immediate rose bud swell from the heat which is replaced as the collagen stores replenish over months.

In general, 3-6 treatments are required with maintenance treatments required every 3-6 months.

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