How to get rid of Milia?


Q: I have these hard, white bumps under your skin that even when I squeeze them, they won’t disappear. What are they and how can I get rid of them?

It sounds like these white bumps probably are milia. Although they resemble whiteheads, they are not related to acne or infection. Milia are small white bumps or cysts made of keratin, which appear on the surface of the skin when dead skin cells become trapped. The good news is there are many simple ways to eradicate them.

First of all gentle exfoliation allows the dead skin cells to be removed, resulting in much less build-up of milia. A chemical peel that contains AHAs and BHAs, including glycolic and salicylic acid, provide accelerated, chemical exfoliation without the need to aggressively scrub your skin. One golden rule, however, that should be followed is never to try to extract them yourself – rather visit a skincare specialist who can remove them using specific needles designed to do this.

If milia tend to cluster around your eye area, it could have something to do with the texture of your skincare products. Applying thicker creams to thin and delicate areas of skin has the potential to both block the pores and to trap dead skin cells resulting in milia so it might be a good idea to switch heavy creams for lightweight textures.

Retinols (vitamin A derivatives) are brilliant at stimulating cell turnover, and less layers of dead skin results in fewer obstructions, fewer white bumps and a more even, flawless skin texture. Just be sure you choose a gentle yet effective formula.

Finally increased sun damage and milia go hand in hand. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, incorporating an SPF into your morning skincare routine is just as important in the winter months as it is in the summer, especially if you’re using peels or exfoliators containing acids, as they can make your skin ultra-sensitive to UV.

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