Skin Care

Middle Eastern Beauty Secrets

Before there were beauty counters and shops to cater to your skincare needs, Middle Eastern women steered towards natural ingredients to give skin a boost. Here are a few ingredients that women still use today. Nothing like an age-old beauty trick to do the job. Camel Milk This milk contains lanolin, a natural and organic chemical known for its moisturising…

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Ramadan Beauty Tips With Joelle Mardinian

Joelle Mardinian, TV personality, make up artist and founder of Joelle Paris shares her favourite Ramadan beauty tips PERFECT THE BASE Skincare is absolutely important to me. I have created my brand, Joelle Paris, because I know Arab women are good with makeup. But they were missing good quality skincare products that were gentle and could be used by all…

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Beauty Sleep is Real!

It’s a term we use all the time “I need my beauty sleep” and the fact is it’s real and we’re getting it now, more so than over. Hopefully! You may or may not know this, but beauty sleep is essential for your skin and overall health. When you sleep, not only does your body recharge but your skin does…

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Skincare Tips From A Shiseido Expert

Dr Nathalie Broussard, Scientific Communication Director at Shiseido, breaks down a simple skincare routine to keep skin fresh, healthy and glowing  Dry heat, air conditioning and indoor pollutants at home can take a huge toll on our skin. But the biggest impact on the skin at this time is the stress of being confined. This stress was measured in a…

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Skin Republic

This Skin Republic Mask Works In 3 Minutes!

The all-new Skin Republic Prime + Refine Face Mask Sheet works wonders in just 3 minutes! This ultra-creamy sheet mask infused with 18ml of skin-perfecting primer simultaneously blurs imperfections and pores and hydrates skin, providing the perfect canvas for make-up application and all in just 3 minutes! The Prime + Refine 3 Minute Primer Face Mask contains cutting-edge hydro-blur technology,…

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The Best Way To Treat Hyperpigmentation

Rebecca Treston, Founder of Rebecca Treston Method discusses the best way to treat hyperpigmentation Many people suffer from hyperpigmentation. This discolouration can arise from post-acne marks; melasma from going through the menopause, pregnancy or taking contraception; and age spots or freckles caused by UV exposure. When it comes to skincare, the most important thing to remember is to never throw…

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Clean beauty skincare

The Truth About Clean Beauty

Rebecca Treston, Founder of The Rebecca Treston Method discusses clean beauty and whether or not you should integrate it into your skincare regime Clean beauty refers to products that are sustainable, environmentally-friendly and which do not have a negative impact on the world. This ideal is great but given that this is an emerging trend, there are some aspects to…

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Petite Maison Unveils Nourishing Skincare Products

We’re a sucker for pretty, retro packaging and Petite Maison products always impress The new range features pink pomelo extract, perfectly suited for fragile skin as it combines cleansing and exfoliation. As a cell renewal activator, it helps eliminate dead cells and irregularities, for fresh, bright and smooth skin. Petite Maison have just dropped new products to make your home…

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The Best Exfoliating Pads For Glowing Skin

Almost every beauty influencer uses exfoliating pads for glowing skin. Why? They boast a combo of acids that instantly leave your skin bright, slough off dead skin cells, and are a great match for dry, acne-prone, lacklustre skin. Here are three of our favourite exfoliating pads: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peels (5 treatments) Want to test…

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Aesop_Home Delivery In UAE

Aesop Launches Home Delivery In UAE

AESOP supports the importance of staying home and practicing social distancing during these uncertain times. That’s why the brand has launched next day home delivery in UAE Your hands probably need one of their incredibly moisturizing creams or balms, or perhaps you home needs freshening up and you need to replenish your skincare stock? The full product range is available…

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