Love a deep, dark tan that looks like you have just had 2 weeks in the Seychelles?

Well, thanks to the launch of the St.Tropez Self Tan Extra Dark Mousse, it is now possible to achieve the fastest, darkest most natural looking tan yet.

This exciting latest launch offers the darkest self-tan with fast colour development and it has been clinically proven to moisturise skin all day.

It’s Quick Intelligent Tan Development System means tanning aficionados can achieve a deep dark tan in just four hours or the ultimate extra dark tan within eight hours of application. Plus, its 100% naturally derived and vegan friendly.

Key Ingredients:

  • Jojoba esters to keep skin nourished, hydrated and smooth.
  • Vitamin E to provide antioxidant protection for the skin.
  • Tan Enhancers and a dual active tanning system which allow the DHA and melanin boosters to penetrate the surface of the skin deeper and faster, for a longer-lasting, natural looking tan with an even, gradual fade.

Tanning Tips:

  • Before application perform a full body scrub. If you want to remove old tan and start afresh or even out any tanning mistakes you make while applying, the ‘Prep and Maintain’ mitt is one to buy, $9.50 (pictured below right)
  • If you are performing hair removal, make sure you do this 24 hours before you plan to tan.
  • Ensure perfect application of the mousse with the application mitt, $8 (pictured below left)
  • After application, make sure you moisturise daily.
  • Lightly exfoliate after 4 days to preserve the tan’s even appearance and encourage a natural fade.
  • You can even add an additional layer of tan to give shading and contour by using the areas on the body that naturally indent.

St.Tropez has even more tanning tips on their website here.

The St.Tropez Extra Dark Tanning Mousse is available at Boots Middle East stores, for $49.

Both mitts are also available to buy in-store too.