Winky Lux are the masterminds behind the flower in the bullet lip balm we all went crazy for years ago. Soon after they released the Matcha lip balm that we all fell in love with and just had to have. So, it’s no surprise that when this brand releases a product, women make it a must-have.

This time around Winky Lux has introduced four new flavours of the Matcha Lip Balm, which boast the same lip-friendly benefits, but ideal for those who aren’t a fan of the aroma of matcha. The balm has anti-inflammatory properties, is packed with antioxidants, and just like the original green bullet, goes on clear. That means you can taste the new flavours, and get it in Blueberry (blue), Coconut (brown), Lavender (purple), and Strawberry (pink), without worrying about the colour transferring onto your lips. They all contain green tea and coconut oil too, making your lips ultra-soft. Pucker up!

Available for $14 at Ulta Beauty 

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