Lara Dutta launches a vegetarian, paraben-and chemical-free skincare line ARIAS at Beautyworld Middle East

Created to serve all skin types, the new skincare brand ARIAS® focuses on crafted skin care range formulated by renowned dermatologist Dr. Gitanjali Shetty. The brand is is cruelty-free, and showcases skin-loving ingredients such as neem, matcha green tea and pomegranate extract. The range comprises 11 products including facial toners, face washes and masks, serums, and day and night creams.

“During my time in the public eye over the past 25 years, I have struggled to find a skincare product specifically for women in the Middle East and Asia, the answer was to create one,” says Lara Dutta, Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe. “I have spent the past two years working with Scientials (a global consumer goods organization) and Dr. Shetty to ensure we source the finest and purest ingredients to give ARIAS products the best balance. The next step will be to build the brand and develop more products and create ranges to satisfy other market segments.”

The brand is synonymous with Lara’s philosophy and challenges the long-held domination of fairness products in the skincare segment with its ‘rejuvenating’ properties serving all skin types.

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