Think about your face mask routine – do you tend to do chores, have a cup of tea, or unwind? With Knesko, you’re meant to relax for 30 minutes to activate your third eye chakra while treating your skin, mind, body and spirit. Celebrities definitely influence our decisions when it comes to which beauty products we add to our carts. After spotting the Knesko gold-infused mask on the Kardashians, Jessica Alba, Nina Dobrev and others, we did a little research to get our hands on one. Why? For starters, it’s developed by a team of doctors and a reiki master (yes, you read that right).


The Knesko Nanogold Repair Collagen Face Mask is a thick hydrogel sheet comprising marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide (B3), to hydrate your skin, give it radiance and minimize dryness, redness, puffiness and fine lines. It also features doctor-formulated GEMCLINICAL™ serum infused with colloidal gold that gets absorbed by your skin to rejuvenate skin at a cellular level.. All of Knesko’s masks are made with a serum-infused collagen gel fortified with precious gemstones and minerals to activate the chakras. And, it works!


Before placing the mask on, I read the package instructions – for once! – only to find there actually were a few steps to be taken before slapping it on my face. After dimming the lights in the room, I proceeded by cutting along the top of the mask foil to drain the serum from the tray into a cup. The face mask is split into two, so I placed the first hydrogel pad carefully along my forehead, eye area and nose, followed by the cheeks, chin and lips area. I did notice that the mask began to slide a little, so I decided to lay back on my couch for a 30-minute meditation skin. Relaxing deep breaths and affirmations are encouraged, to give yourself the love and attention you need. Once my 30 minutes were up, I really didn’t want to take the mask off, but slowly did, massaging the serum onto my face, neck and décolletage. The remaining serum was applied to my arms and chest area, because why not, right?


Results are instant and last for about two weeks. I received an incredible amount of compliments at work that week, and my skin felt hydrated, smooth, and remarkably soft all along. That glow truly does look like it’s coming from within (see below and excuse the Zen face and messy hair). After my 30 minutes meditation (okay, it turned into a power nap after ten minutes) I felt quite calm and content.



The price is slightly steep for a mask, but it’s well worth it as the results are just as good as a salon facial. I’d highly recommend using it before a big night out, an occasion (perhaps to calm your nerves before getting married?), or as an excuse to unwind and indulge in me-time.The mask is available on its own, or in a set including masks for the eyes, lips, neck and décolletage. Shop Knesko here