Dr. Kayle, our weekly columnist, discusses whether or not you should try injectables in your 30s


I am 30. Should I start having injectables and if so, how do I know what one to have?

Those who take pride in maintaining their skin will already have a terrific skincare regime and treatment plan in place, but there does come a point where this may not be enough to keep your skin looking radiant. In general, the late twenties/early thirties is the tipping point when you might want to start looking into other options, and as enter your thirties, this is when you will start noticing lines emerging and radiance fading.

Our skin does an excellent job of providing us with a barrier against the outside world, but it means that when you want exceptionally potent, fast results, you do need to go underneath it. Enter injectable treatments! Injectable skincare offers total rejuvenation of the whole face with minimal downtime, and has the benefit of giving the skin a plump, hydrated glow while also kick-starting your own cell turnover.

There can be several different injectable treatments that can be used independently or together to enhance skin’s radiance and generate a more youthful appearance. In a clinical environment, these include botox, hyaluronic injections; the most commonly known of which is Juvederm; and thread lift. As threadlift is suited for those who are over 40, let’s focus on the other two.

Botox will work by freezing the muscles and so if you have fine lines or wrinkles, then this will alleviate their appearance.  A good complementary treatment to botox is Juvederm. This works by injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin, which spreads out once injected, forming a water-binding layer under the skin, which stimulates the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, Skin instantly becomes smooth, plump, and luminous. You know how ripe and firm your skin feels after applying and massaging in layers of serum? Now imagine being able to hold onto that feeling for longer. This is what Juvederm is like, only better.

If the thought of these injectable treatments are still a little bit overwhelming for you, why not start by having a microneedling or dermarolling treatment?  In these procedures, trauma is caused to the skin through countless, tiny, barely-painful pin pricks and so the treatment area is flooded with fresh new collagen and elastin, which redensifies and plumps the skin. Another bonus is mesotherapy, which takes these treatments one step further  and places active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid directly into the lower levels of the skin, to boost radiance and glow.

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