Ugh! Ingrown hair! How do you get rid of these pesky bumps even after you’ve waxed or shaved? There’s a solution

ingrown hairs

We’re constantly being told we need to exfoliate and moisturise, but how often do we actually do it? Regular exfoliation keeps ingrown hair at bay, and we’ve realized, the only way to thoroughly enjoy the process is with the AMELIORATE Exfoliating Body Mitt. Why? The Mitt is made from an innovative fabric weave that is gentler than a synthetic or natural loofah, yet effectively sloughs off dead skin cells to reveal soft, smooth and healthy skin. The mitt needs to be used in circular motions, to unblock hair follicles to minimise pesky, uncomfortable ingrown hair. It’s also brilliant for treating Keratosis Pilaris – a common condition which causes skin to appear rough, red and bumpy due to an excess production of keratin.

After showering, apply the Fur Ingrown Concentrate onto the red bumps and redness from irritated skin post-waxing or shaving – whether that’s on your face, arm pits, legs or bikini area, with the finger mitt (included). It’s infused with coconut oil to eradicate dryness, soften ingrown hair and speed up healing time. Tea tree oil is a powder antimicrobial essential oil that helps absorb and balance excess sebum oils to help prevent ingrown hair. The concentrate also contains tamanu oil, which includes Omega fatty acids and antioxidants, while chamomile extract calms the skin.

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