Dr. Kayle discusses what you can do about those deep lines on your face by opting for a thread lift


I have started to develop deep lines between my nose and mouth, which are causing me to look older. What can I do?

These lines you refer to are nasolabial folds, often called marionette lines, which can give the face a sad, aged appearance and cause jowling. While some may turn to fillers to address this issue, their use is limited to the early stages of the problem. With time, the condition will become deeper and the use of only fillers may result in increased facial volume with unnatural contours, and an overfilled appearance. To achieve a rejuvenated, fresh look, the best option is to have a thread lift.

This lunchtime procedure is aimed at lifting the skin and uses threads that are fully absorbable and bio-compatible with human tissue. The threads resemble a micro-thin fishing line and the minuscule cones hook into and embed itself just below the deepest layer of the skin. The threads are inserted in the subcutaneous skin layer below the dermis. Injections of local anaesthesia at the entry and exit points of the sutures ensure a painless procedure. The result is an immediate, noticeable lifting action. As an added bonus, when the threads are implanted under the skin, it activates fibroblasts, which stimulates collagen production. This helps to add volume and restores the shape and contours of the face in a natural way.

This game-changing procedure, which is loved by A-listers, takes less than an hour to perform and the benefit is an immediate facelift-like result – at a fraction of the cost and with no downtime. Bye, bye Marionette lines, hello fresh face!

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