Dr. Kayle discusses ways to make your eye area look as though you have the best beauty sleep ever. Find out how to get rid of those pesky under-eye bags

Q. I have bags under my eyes, which make me look old and tired. What can I do?

This unsightly cosmetic concern could be attributed to lifestyle factors such as lack of sleep, poor diet, too much alcohol or not enough water so before you embark on an aesthetic intervention, try changing negative lifestyle habits first to see if you can achieve a positive change.

For some people, however, under-eye bags can be down to genetic factors and if this is the case, then you will require surgical intervention, namely eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). During blepharoplasty, the surgeon removes excess fat through an incision in the natural crease of the lower lid. He or she then joins the skin with tiny dissolving stitches. The procedure is usually done as an outpatient procedure.

In addition to correcting bags under eyes, blepharoplasty can also repair baggy or puffy upper eyelids, excess skin of the upper eyelid, droopy lower eyelids, which may cause white to show below the iris or excess skin on lower eyelids. Lower eyelid surgery works by removing excess skin and fat and sewing the skin under the eye back together, giving the under-eye area a tighter appearance.

The procedure lasts one to three hours and may be performed under local or general anaesthesia. Side effects include bruising, bleeding, and soreness. Most people take 10 to 14 days to recover before returning to work and, post-surgery, you must apply cold compresses routinely for the first two days.

The surgery requires a delicate, precise approach to smooth the under-eye area and make it appear less puffy, so ensure you trust only an expert surgeon who is adept at performing the surgery.

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