See a pesky little zit popping up? Work quick by applying one of these effective treatments

ZITSTICKA KILLA (8x patches, 8x swabs), $35

Designed for deep, cystic zits, these microdarts works to dissolve the blemish at the source rather than just the skin’s surface. It tingles a bit and features five ingredients: moisture-magnet hyaluronic acid, exfoliating salicylic acid, redness-shrinking niacinamide, antimicrobial oligopeptide-76 and pH-balancing sodium hydroxide. The microdarts are free from parabens, sulphates and other nasties. Alongside eight KILLA patches, the kit contains eight CLEANA active-soaked swabs which prime your skin so the sticker will easily adhere. Once applied, leave these on and carry on with your day. Btw, the darts are water-resistant too.

KATE SOMERVILLE EradiKate Acne Treatment, $28

Hailed as the holy grail acne treatment by bloggers and celebrities, Kate Somerville’s bestselling formula is what you need the minute you spot a zit popping up. Formulated with the highest possible level of sulphur (10%), it effectively fights blemishes and reduces future ones, while salicylic acid reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and zinc oxide – a natural mineral – provides oil control by absorbing excess sebum.

DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE DRx SpotLite Acne Treatment Device, ($75)

To treat acne. Dr. Dennis Gross created this clever light delivery acne treatment, zapping blue and red LED lights to reduce inflammation, redness and acne. Clinically proven, the tool maximises the full spectrum of acne-fighting wavelengths, penetrating just beneath the skin’s surface with blue LED light to fight acne-causing bacteria, along with red LED light to go deeper, to tackle inflammation. As well as clearing existing blemishes, the tool also helps to minimise the risk of scarring and prevent future flare ups.


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