Your favourite Foreo is now available in a mini size

The all-new UFO mini’s unique beauty tech is that it uses your skin’s natural reactions to heat as well as send signature T-Sonic™ pulsations to ensure you get the most out of your favorite UFO Activated Mask. But that’s not all we love about the Foreo UFO mini. The device has been in the making for four years, and combines Korean masks with cutting-edge Swedish beauty technology. The solution doesn’t just replace conventional facial sheet masks – slimy, ill-fitting and tedious – it revolutionizes skincare by placing professional-level treatments into consumers’ homes.

Used morning or night with the UFO-Activated Masks, it combines five different technologies in one easy-to-use beauty device. The Thermotherapy function helps unclog pores, and when applied together with the massaging effects of T-Sonic™ pulsations, helps facilitate deeper dermal absorption of masks’ active ingredients. The Foreo UFO mini offers full-spectrum phototherapy. Red LED light treatment diminishes signs of aging while stimulating collagen production; Green brightens dull complexions and evens skin tone; and Blue kills acne-causing bacteria and stimulates blood circulation.

The UFO mini is available in fuchsia, mint and pearl pink hues, and delivers a spa-worthy facial in a 90-second treatment (compared to 20 minutes with conventional sheet masks). To use, simply connect it to your Foreo app, and don’t forget to connect the 100% waterproof device to a USB port to have it ready whenever required.

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