Honey Sanadhya, Assistant Manager, PR & Digital – Beauty, Panasonic shares epilation tips

Epilation Tips


Every woman wants the look and feel of silky-smooth skin. Unfortunately for some, stubborn and unwanted body hair get in the way of looking gorgeously fuzz-free. Every hair removal routine is personal to the individual, however, there are many advantages to epilating as compared to other methods such as shaving or waxing. One big advantage of epilation would be the long-lasting results.  Unwanted hair, whether on the arms, legs or delicate parts of the body, is dealt with from the roots by a series of tweezer heads on a rotating disc.  Epilating, unlike shaving, leaves no blunt tip or stubble behind. An epilator also pulls out hair without causing stress on the surrounding outer skin. Additionally, it provides a cost-effective method of removing hair for a significantly longer period of time. The process isn’t messy, plus you can easily find the time and privacy to do it in the comfort of your home. Here are top tips on epilating for radiant, velvety smooth skin:


  • Check the hair length before epilation

Hair that is 2 to 3 mm in length is ideal for epilation. Treating hair that is too short might result in not being able to epilate properly. In such cases, you should wait at least 2 or 3 days for the hair to grow and then epilate. On the other hand, removing unwanted hair that is too long may somehow be a bit painful.  The shaver head attachment on the Panasonic epilator can be used to cut the hair’s length down to 2 to 3 mm before proceeding with the epilating process.


  • Warm bath does wonders

The skin softens when warmed, allowing hair to be removed more easily. This makes a wet/dry epilator a good investment.

Epilation Tips


  • Slowly but surely

Start on a lower setting. If you glide the epilator too quickly on the skin, you might miss hairs, or worse, get the hair broken instead of being plucked from the root. This makes an epilator with multiple settings an ideal beauty ally.  You can start on the lowest setting if you are a newbie and choose the right speed that suits best on the areas to be treated.  That said, best to invest on an innovative epilator that comes with versatile attachments for a full performance hair removal gadget. The Panasonic EL series epilator, for example, has the ‘Gentle Cap’, an attachment designed to grip the skin while epilating for a more gentle experience, perfect for those feeling a little nervous epilating for the first time, not to mention extra handy when epilating those sensitive body areas!


  • The right angle: 90°

Keep your epilator perpendicular to your skin at 90° to ensure effective epilating.  This makes it easier for the device to pluck your hair. Again, choose an epilator designed for real efficiency and comfort.  The Panasonic EL series epilator features a 90° pivoting head that beautifully follows the curves of the body, catching hard-to-reach areas with ease.  In addition, the EL epilators feature a 30% wider head and double discs with 60 tweezers, which means broader area coverage and double efficiency in catching more hair in a single stroke.


  • Glide against the grain

When epilating, keeping your skin taut is important, and so is running the epilator against the direction your hair is growing. Going ‘against the grain’ would ensure that the epilator pulls the hair out from the roots instead of cutting it off at the tip.  Epilators with light, like the Panasonic EL series, are ideal for extra visibility on the natural growth direction of the hair, as well as for illuminating spots that were missed.


  • Epilation aftercare matters

Treat your skin to all the care it deserves after epilating so it will also feel as good as it looks.  Moisturize the skin to avoid flaking and dryness. A good choice would be to use a moisturizer with aloe vera to soothe the skin and ease any discomfort.


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