Armani Spa Dubai impresses on all levels

There is no shortage of luxury spa choices to explore in Dubai, but something about my experience at Armani/SPA put it a cut above the rest. Located on the hotel’s third floor (inside the world’s tallest building, no less) the spa is decked out in sleek, grey hues, and its design is every inch of minimalist luxe that one would expect from such a high-end, stylish brand.

I arrive 15 minutes ahead of my treatment time, and I’m greeted with fresh watermelon juice and a scented cold towel. I make my way to the trendy changing rooms, relaxation room and spa area, where I find two temperature-controlled saunas, a steam room and a cooling ice fountain, making up the spa’s sequential bathing area. Outside, there’s a stunning pool with views that span across Downtown Dubai, which are particularly impressive during my evening visit when the city lights up.

Back inside the spa, I’m shown to a dimly-lit, cosy treatment room for my 50-minute classic massage. My therapist recommends an essential oil infused with pink peppercorns for the treatment, which she assures me will enhance muscle relaxation. She begins with a medium pressure along my back, legs and arms. Carefully kneading my stress points, while being cautious to avoid a slight strain in my lower back, she continues with firm strokes across my shoulders, chest and feet, and I leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Be sure to head back to the relaxation room for your post-treatment wind-down, complete with chamomile tea, dried fruits and a good book. There are certainly worse ways to spend an evening!

Priced at Dhs520 ($141) for a 50-minute classic massage. Contact +9714 888 3282 or visit the website