Dry brushing is an age-old secret and great, especially now, since we aren’t incredibly active. It cleanses your body inside and out and has plenty of health benefits. Find out why daily dry brushing is also the best treatment for cellulite

One third of your body’s toxins are excreted through your skin. Dry brushing helps unclog pores and excrete toxins trapped in it. This celebrity-loved secret – Gwyneth Paltrow dry brushes every night before a shower – works wonders on your skin. The main reason women reach for the brush is because it’s the best anti-cellulite treatment – it gradually breaks down fat deposits which get eliminated through the lymphatic system. Other benefits include exfoliation of dead skin, cell renewal, reduction in ingrown hairs, and detoxification of the body without consuming pills or going through a painful process. In addition to this, dry brushing also increases blood circulation and lymph flow in the tissue, increasing your metabolism as a result, while keeping skin smooth and soft.

Step-by-step guide
  • Get naked and get into your bath tub.
  • Begin at the feet and use long gentle strokes – don’t put too much pressure on the brush – stroking upwards to your heart (where the lymph system drains).
  • Continue to the thighs, buttocks, hands, arms, and back. Pay special attention to the back of your thighs or areas where you have cellulite. Make sure you don’t brush on broken, irritated or inflamed skin.
  • Finish at the tummy and chest. Begin brushing upwards at the right side of the abdomen with small strokes toward the ribcage. Brush horizontally to the left and continue down, using a clockwise direction.
  • Brush several times in each area, overlapping as you go.  Adjust the pressure of the brush to the different parts of your body so it is comfortable. It should be stimulating enough to increase circulation, but also gentle on your skin. (Note: your skin may turn a rosy pink tone, but that’s absolutely normal)
  • Once you’ve brushed your entire body (typically takes a minimum of 3 minutes), jump in the shower.
  • Make sure you apply a natural oil (coconut, jojoba or castor oil) after to lock in moisture.
How to pick a brush?

Buy a brush that has natural bristles, not plastic, and preferably a handle to help you reach your back or at least a strap to fit onto your hand.

3 to try
G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush by goop ($23)

Made from pure, natural sisal fibres from the Mexican agave plant, it exfoliates and sweeps away dead skin cells to reveal smooth, glowing skin while battling cellulite! Shop here 

LEGOLOGY Lymph-Lite Boom Brush for Body ($21)

Featuring natural bristles and a convenient hand loop, this brush fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, allowing you to grip it firmly, stroke it swiftly over legs (and the rest of your body) and reap the rewards. Shop here


Anti-Cellulite Body Brush by Dr. Barbara Sturm ($38)

This natural bristles brush can be used for a dry massage and in the shower for a gentle treatment. Ideal for use on pressure-sensitive skin. Shop here