Rebecca Treston, Founder of The Rebecca Treston Method discusses clean beauty and whether or not you should integrate it into your skincare regime

Clean beauty refers to products that are sustainable, environmentally-friendly and which do not have a negative impact on the world. This ideal is great but given that this is an emerging trend, there are some aspects to the concept that could be a cause for concern.

First of all, these products do not have an appointed industry watchdog, which regulates them. This means that in theory, the brands can make very false claims and there is no consequences for them.

Equally, although the marketing may be enticing for consumers – especially with the current eco-focus – some plant-based ingredients can be potent and at the very least, disrupt the body’s microbiology. But the real danger is that certain ingredients are considered carcinogens.

Personally, I do not favour this category of products. Rather, I love laser-based treatments because with them, you are not using any chemicals or introducing a foreign agent into the skin, which may trigger a toxic or allergic reaction. I know that some people may be of the opinion that lasers are an extreme treatment that is too harsh or damages your skin cells, but this is not the case when they are used expertly. Rather, this light-based treatment creates energy and this energy stimulates the cells and the body’s natural healing process. To me, using what is already present in your body and avoiding the absorption of chemicals, as you do in laser treatments, is the very definition of clean beauty.

If you do feel compelled to invest in clean beauty products, then you must do your homework. Do some research on the ingredients that are proven to work, as well as the ones you should avoid. And always choose products from a reputable brand.

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