Established Swedish body care brand Barnängen features typical produce from the country


Founded in 1868 by Swedish wholesaler Johan Wilhelm Holmström in Stockholm, Barnängen is one of Sweden’s most popular brands and is also a purveyor to the royal court of Sweden. The two product lines, Nordic Care and Nordic Rituals stands for “lagom”, the Swedish approach to life – not too little, not too much, just right.

Typical Scandinavian wild fruits such as the cloudberry, as well as birch and elderflower are used in Barnängen’s body care products. Barnängen’s Nordic Care Line features the protective Cold Cream that leaves a cooling sensation when applied – apt for the heat in the Middle East. The unique formula
contains a moisturising emulsion combined with ingredients such as beeswax, sunflower oil and
chamomile for protection, hydration and nourishment for all skin types.

The Nordic Care line also comprises the Caring Body Lotion and Shower Cream containing oat milk, a popular skincare ingredient in Sweden; the Nutritive Body Lotion and Shower Cream with cloudberries; the Sensitive Body Lotion and Shower Cream with elderflower, and the nourishing All Over Intensive Body Balm.


The Nordic Rituals line stems inspiration from Sweden’s oldest traditions such as sauna, ice bathing and “midsommar”. They contain a specially developed moisture serum with protective active ingredients such as sunflower and cranberry oils. The Sauna Relax Shower Gel & Bubble Bath with birch extract stimulates and relaxes the body, while sea salts in the Glacier Breeze
Shower Gel & Bubble Bath produce an aroma reminiscent of icy water after a sauna. The Midsommar Glow Shower Gel & Bubble Bath contain delicate floral oils, bringing Sweden’s ancient midsummer festival to mind, and supplying the skin with moisture.

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