The Skin Care+ range is composed of four formulations that deliver generous doses of vitamins and complementary botanicals to support replenished, balanced and fortified skin

The products feature a distinct texture, feel and benefit, and serve as a nourishing boost to any skincare ritual – expect vitamin-rich hydration. Take a look at the range.


Lucent Facial Concentrate

The Skin Care+ Range

For those desiring a light touch, Lucent Facial Concentrate offers sustained hydration without overburdening the skin. Suitable for most skin types – particularly oily and combination skin. This serum features nourishing Vitamins C and B alongside hydration-boosting Sodium Carrageenan. The result is soothed, replenished and balanced skin.


Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream

The Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream is formulated to suit normal to dry skin, lending hydration alongside potent doses of replenishing Vitamins C and E. Rich botanical butters and oils of Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed, and Rosehip Seed work to soften the skin.


Damascan Rose Facial Treatment

Formulated to banish dehydrated skin, Damascan Rose Facial Treatment relieves skin in distress. This concentrated blend contains oils of Rose Petal, Neroli Blossom and Violet Leaf delivers potent doses of vitamins and fatty acids for replenishment and nourishment.


B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel

This gel delivers Vitamins B and C in the form of a gel with a matte finish. Designed to balance, replenish, and soften normal to oily skin, B Triple C facial Balancing Gel also provides anti-oxidant fortification-perfect.

The Skin Care+ range is available at Bloomingdales, The Dubai Mall, Aesop Store Perfumery & Co, T and