How do you tackle puffiness and eye bags? An eye mask, of course. In just 10-15 minutes signs of fatigue become a thing of the past. Here are a few of our favourite eye masks that work

Kocostar Camo Outdoor Eye Mask

This hydrogel eye mask contains an active ingredient that moisturises your skin, making the undereye area firm while illuminating it within a few minutes. It also helps prevent dark spots and reduces dark circles.

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Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask

This treatment addresses three types of wrinkles: corner crinkling, under eye wrinkles and crow’s feet. Pure Retinol Micro-Infusion Technology delivers ultra-small particles of retinol in an essence, providing an easily-absorbed formula with a higher concentration of the active ingredient. The concentrated eye treatment is thick, flexible and adherent, and dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles while brightening the area and minimising dark circles. Skin is plumped, hydrated and looks smooth and healthy for the next 24 hours, after one application.

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Estee Lauder [Mini] Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask

Infused with Advanced Night Repair technology, this eye mask boasts a three-layer mask sheet design, delivering 20x more of Advanced Night Repair’s proven soothing, hydrating and repair ingredients for instant smoothing and long-lasting hydration. Place it on for 10 minutes, remove the mask and gently massage the mask into your skin for a well-rested look.

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Tata Harper’s Boosted Contour Eye Mask (15ml)
This product’s triple-effect firming technology revitalises the delicate skin around the eye area. Tata Harper’s Eye Mask contains a potent blend of palm extract and red algae for a smooth and tightened effect, while brown algae extract re-energises the sluggish skin cells to refine the texture of the skin. Spanish lavender minimises the visibility of wrinkles while cucumber seed oil, arnica extract and Tata’s signature ‘Estate Grown Beauty Complex’ reduce puffiness, diminish dark circles and lessens all signs of fatigue.
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