Since you’re in self quarantine, you might as well keep busy by playing around with makeup and perfecting those skills. Let’s start with the perfect nude lip

We all know that the perfect nude is hard to find, but Barkha Beauty has got you covered. From light pink to an earthy beige or a pop of coral, the core collection includes 8 shades to choose from, which include 5 beautiful nudes and 3 perfect reds!

It’s important to choose a nude that suits your skin tone, but that doesn’t mean it must match your natural lip colour. You can still have fun with a wide range of nudes, so try using our guide below to find your shade.

If you have a fair skin tone, a light-pink will add a pop of colour and enhance the pinkiness in your cheeks, try LAYLA for a light creamy pink.

For lighter skin tones with slightly olive undertones, try a shades that has more pigment such as a warmer pink like MIKA or an earthy beige like QUEEN B. Ladies with olive skin-tones usually suit a wider range of nudes, however, it is important to choose a colour lighter or darker than your skin tone so that your lips don’t disappear! Matching the right shade of nude to your skin tone will ensure you don’t look washed out whilst still maintaining a natural lip look.

For those with tanned skin and light hair, a peachy coral is your go to, try NAI to add a summery pop of colour to your everyday makeup look. And for the ladies with dark skin tones, SAESHA is a beautiful au naturelle shade that will add an easy-to-wear depth to your look.

If you still can’t find the perfect nude for you, get creative and mix two shades.

Pink Nudes
Layla – Light Pink
Mika – Dark Pink

Coral Nudes
Nai – Peachy Coral

Classic Nudes
Queen B – Earthy Beige
Saesha – Au Naturelle

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