Patrick Ta has launched on Cult Beauty and they are absolutely gorgeous

Patrick Ta

This stunning mirrored palette holds within the Monochrome Moment – Velvet Blush, which boasts a luxurious creamy texture that melts effortlessly into your skin. Designed with patented biomimetic pigments, the innovative formula mirrors your skin’s ceramide structure for lasting coverage and a natural finish.

Behind the buttery texture are silken powders cloaked in plant-derived moisturisers that make the blush ultra-soft and seamlessly smooth, while micronized pigments and treated mica ensure a luminous, flawless finish with impressive wear – we’d expect nothing less from the iconic make up artist. Choose between four utterly gorgeous hues: deep tan ‘She’s Seductive’, rich apricot ‘She’s Adorable’, peach pink ‘She’s Passionate’ and light bronze ‘She’s Sincere’.

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