Say hello to summer with the new Fenty Beauty Getting Hotter eye and lip collection. 3 sets of Vivid Eyeliner trios in soft neons and 7 bold Poutsicle lip colours make up the limited edition range. 

The Poutsicle is a juicy satin finish lipstick that can be picked up in 7 shades;

Fenty Beauty Getting Hotter

While Baeside, Baewatch and Baecae are electrifying liquid eyeliner trios that deliver a vivid pops of colour with precision;

Fenty Beauty Getting Hotter

The launch has been welcomed by Rihanna’s legion of fans, but they have been surprised to find out that they have already seen them in action on multiple occasions without knowing.

She has been putting the products to the test herself since April 2018, first wearing a pink liner from the Baecae trio at Coachella. The products were even used to create the look for her May 2019 Harper’s Bazaar cover. (below)

Fenty Beauty Getting Hotter launches 10th May, read about the new Lip Care collection here.