If you like to make your features pop using highlighter, then this new trend is one to try.

We’re big fans of contour and highlight but we must admit we were guilty of thinking that highlighter had reached its peak with so many formula options to choose from.

Well pressed, loose, cream and liquid highlight can stand by for now, as the jelly (gel) highlighter is in town.

Jelly highlighters apply like a gel but set like a powder, leaving you with a satin glow but without the smearing or fading you can sometimes get from liquid and cream formulas.

There are so many ways to use a jelly highlighter

  • By itself on the usual places you highlight; cheekbones, cupids bow and nose.
  • Mix with your moisturiser for a full body sheen.
  • As an eye shadow or lip stick topper for that extra ‘pop’.

And, so many ways to apply it. From your usual brush or sponge to your fingers.

Here are some of our faves

Iconic London Multiglow (also pictured above), $34, Cult Beauty (6 shades Available)

Iconic Chrome Jelly Highlighter

ZOEVA Strobe Gel, $19, Sephora (6 Shades Available)

Jelly Highlighter

Farsáli Jelly Beam, $45, Cult Beauty and Tips & Toes (3 Shades Available)

Jelly Highlighter

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