We fell in love with the new Beautyblender Bounce foundation last month and now we are toasting to the arrival of their new range of primers. Beautyblender have just released 3 makeup primers which cover a multitude of skin types and concerns; The Leveler, Opal Essence and Selfie Shield.

Opal Essence

What does it do: Hydrate

Perfect for: Those with dull and dry skin.

Bleautyblender Opal Essence is a hydrating serum primer containing a powerful blend of botanical extracts that moisturize, illuminate, plump, soothe, and brighten skin. Super-hydrating (but without making you look greasy), your foundation should glide on without clinging to any creases, fine lines and dry patches.

BeautyBlender Primer

The Leveler

What does it do: Smoothes

Perfect for: Those with Oily skin, redness and large pores.

Beautyblender The Leveler comes in 2 shades; Light/Medium and Tan/Deep. This smoothing and mattifying primer contains niacinamide to minimize the appearance of redness, oil and pores. It contains high-performance silicones to create a humidity proof barrier to minimize shine – making it perfect for hot weather.

Selfie Shield SPF 38

What does it do: Protect

Perfect for: Those with fine lines, redness and brown spots.

Beautyblender Selfie Shield SPF 38 is an ultra-light dry oil formula that is completely clear and absorbs fast into the skin. This formula offers protection from HEV (high energy visible) light and UVA and UVB to fend off harmful rays. It also contains powerful antioxidants vitamins E and C to both brighten skin and neutralize pollutants.

BeautyBlender Primer

The Beautyblender primers will be available soon exclusively at Sephora stores priced at $35 each.