Tips & Toes latest CSR Campaign is all about Women Supporting Women
Strong women, empower women. This is the motto behind Tips & Toes corporate social responsibility (CSR) movement. A belief that has been put into practice in history and to this very day, developing some of the most powerful women across the globe. Not just world leaders but the very women that inspire and push others to be their very best day to day.
Tips & Toes value this. Looking to change the lives of women in the region who are less fortunate they want to empower them with new skills. Supporting them to be able to reenter the workforce and potentially support themselves and their families, they will be able to learn different expertise. Training them in reception and supervisor roles, these are skills that they will have for life. 
Women, from now on, when you head to Tips & Toes, you will support this cause with every AED250 spent equaling one hour of training being donated. “CSR is becoming ever more prevalent in Tips & Toes operations. Supporting women that are less fortunate than us couldn’t be a worthier cause, especially when providing them with skills that will last them a lifetime. Involving our customers in this helps to spread the message. We hope that they will support us in providing as many hours as possible. We have no limit,” says Tina Ghafurian, Co-Founder of Tips & Toes.
Keeping the cause at the forefront of customers minds they will be able to update a tally of hours in each of the Tips & Toes branches when they spend AED250 and above.