PARTNERED CONTENT | Whether you feel a slight ache coming on, or in need of a few hours of pampering, there’s a massage to suit your mood and needs. Izanne Fagan, Training Manager at Tips & Toes, gives us the lowdown on 5 of the best treatments at the spa, techniques used, and ways to figure out which one is best for you

Swedish massage

The ideal candidate: Someone who has muscle tension, tired limbs, and prefers a deep pressure massage.

This traditional full-body massage with regulated pressure offers long, strong circular movements to work muscles and relieve pressure. Oil is applied on the body to slightly warm it up, and this is soon followed by movements including vibrations to shake the muscles, petrissage (squeezing and kneading of the muscles), friction, effleurage (long strokes) and quick tapping. The massage is best for releasing knots and tensions.

A 50-minute treatment is available for Dhs262.50


Medina Oud Candle massage

The ideal candidate: Anyone looking for a tranquil break and a way to unwind

The Medina Oud Candle Massage features warm candle wax to nourish the skin and release tension from your muscles. This calming treatment allows you to unwind and forget about your worries, as the rich aroma of the shea butter candle wafts through the air and lets you drift into a world of relaxation.

The massage therapist melts the oud candle and applies the melted candle in long stroking movements to calm the body and spread the luxurious butter. It can be invigorating or calming, depending on the client’s concerns, and is similar in movement to a Swedish massage.

The 45-minutes treatment is available for Dhs262.50 


Tips & Toes Signature Massage

The ideal candidate: Someone in need of a quick fix for muscle pain and stiffness

The signature massage uses a combination of acupressure point stimulation and stroking techniques to reduce muscle tension. Heated oil is applied to the entire body, followed by long strokes and acupressure on certain pressure points for knots.The heated herbal compress targets knots, stimulates muscles and relieves pain. The all-around classic massage ends with bending and stretching for ultimate relaxation, finally finished off with long strokes again.

The Tips & Toes Signature Massage is 90-minutes long and available for Dhs336


T’Boli massage

The ideal candidate: wants to tackle cellulite and release knots

The T’Boli Massage uses unique healing tools to perform a style of massage that achieves deep tissue stimulation throughout the body. The massage reduces cellulite and induces an intense sense of wellbeing. Rattan tools are used to roll and glide over the entire body, with the help of heated oil, for deep tissue relaxation. The therapist applies conduct acupressure points with the rattan tools stimulating reflexology, releasing tension and getting rid of the all knots.

The 75-minute treatment is available for Dhs294


Cup Kiss Massage

The ideal candidate: Those looking to detox

The Cup Kiss Massage uses a modernized version of the ancient Chinese cupping therapy where silicone cups are squeezed onto the body’s surface, creating a vacuum suction which drains excess fluids, releases toxins and reduces cellulite.

After warm oil is applied on the chosen area, the therapist determines the massage cup size (i.e. small for the face, medium for the arms and legs, and large for the rest of the body). The cup is attached to the skin with a gentle suction and the therapist performs a sliding motion. This is a gentle massage performing lymph drainage for toxins and cellulite to be drained.

The Cup Kiss Massage is 90-minutes long and available for Dhs336


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