Fly out for a week’s worth of pampering and energizing sessions at Velaa Private Island

Who wouldn’t want to escape to a private island where you stroll on the beach, treat yourself to spa treatments and dine on delish wholesome food for a week or more? Velaa Private Island, nestled on the Noonu Atoll in the north-west of the Maldives archipelago, have launched a week-long Energising Programme featuring bespoke fitness sessions, spa treatments and everything you need to revive your body for the year ahead.

The specially designed Velaa Energising Programme is a comprehensive and personalised programme that will replenish energy levels and better empower you to cultivate a mind-set of wellbeing For those worried about post-programme maintenance, the therapists ensure the practices and knowledge you gain through their journey are easy to carry through to regular life back home.

It includes dietetics based on body type, managed by well-known nutritionist Amelia Freer, alongside spa treatments, Lipo HIFU – high tech equipment to improve body shape, plus recreational land, and water activities, because, you have to enjoy the best of island life while there. The highly trained instructors include a First Dan in karate, a nutritionist, yoga and meditation practitioner; and a dynamic coach whose repertoire includes bosu exercises, spinning and kinetics.


Consultation: The therapist will create a bespoke wellness and energising programme with expert body analysis by a professional doctor, nutritionist and a multi-skilled instructor.

Activities: You will be shown how to achieve measurable goals for the selected length of the programme – be it weight management, power building, flexibility, detoxification, mind and body balance. Exercise routines include a range of sports to improve physical condition, from tennis, squash, wall climbing, volleyball, football, snorkelling, diving, stand up paddling, paragliding and kitesurfing, to gym-based exercises including cardio, weight and strength training, HIIT, core, circuit training, and TRX; to meditation and yoga for relaxation of the mind.

Post-stay: Once the programme has been completed, the therapists will provide an in-depth review of the goals achieved and create a post-stay programme, followed up with active communication once you have returned home.

Need an upgrade? Velaa Private Island has exclusively partnered with GenSmart to present an uber-personalised add-on to the programme which will unlock a unique genetic profile allowing one to reach their full potential.

From $6,468 for a 7-day programme (all applicable taxes are included in the price) excluding transfers and accommodation. For more information visit   


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