Rebecca Treston shares three ways to slim and tone your body without spending hours at the gym


What body treatments can I get to ensure I look as slim and toned as possible?

I have three go-to treatments that will definitely shape and sculpt your body so you can rock that LBD!

First of all, for those who suffer from unwanted fat and/or cellulite, EXIMIA is a combination of two patented technologies, namely Endolift and Laserporation that offers a one-of-a-kind professional treatment to sculpt, smooth and shape the body. The first device massages, drains and tones up, while the second handle dissolves, reduces and sculpts.  In fact when these two technologies are applied together, they deliver a treatment that works uncompromisingly against local fat deposits, cellulite and skin sagging. The results are impressive. Body contours are tightened, skin is elastic and smooth and stubborn cellulite and fat deposits on legs, hips, and arms are destroyed.

For those who want to tighten the skin, Radiofrequency is a terrific option. This non-surgical treatment stimulates the body’s own natural collagen, which improves skin texture, tone and appearance. Immediately following the treatment, smoother, tighter, plumper skin is visible.

Finally, to add some A-list into your treatment choices, why not try Proellixe? Loved by Hollywood fitness fanatics such as Jennifer Lopez, just 10 minutes on this miracle machine is equal to one hour in the gym – and with programmes that include cellulite reduction and weight loss, it has never been easier to achieve your body goals.

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