This quarantine has got Team Aliabeauty analyzing everything at home – from our skin to the mattress. Have you spotted the mattress in a box? We spoke to Dominik Zunkovic, Founder of WHISPER to find out why it’s trending on Instagram and how to pick the perfect mattress for your body 

At WHISPER, we value sleep above all else, and our mattresses and pillows are designed to deliver deep and sound sleep. The mattress contains silver, which has long been known for its antibacterial properties. It also naturally ionizes, that is, it reacts with oxygen to form small particles called ions. It’s the same chemistry that causes the fresh smell in the air after a thunderstorm. We use advances in technology and are able to incorporate silver into our mattresses and pillows, such that during the ionization process, 99.9% of all bacteria are eliminated, at the same time, killing dust mites and bed bugs as well. Not only is this important for general hygiene reasons, but it is also beneficial for maintaining clear and radiant skin.

The silver yarn in our fabric and silver particles in our Quantum foam ensure that no bacteria are able to live in your mattress and cause your skin problems. Ordinary mattresses without this silver technology will normally be infested with countless bacteria and nasty microbes that can easily come through your bed sheets and interact with your face, leading to acne, irritations and other skin problems. WHISPER helps sleepers take extraordinarily good care of their skin, keeping any irritations at bay.  What’s more, WHISPER’s upper mattress cover is removable and washable in your home washing machine, which is an extra step our customers can take, to keep their sleeping area clean as it should be.

Almost everyone uses their mobiles in bed. Why should people invest in mattresses that block EMF rays?

Any electronic devices – mobiles, tablets, laptops and even the charging cables next to your bed and electricity cables in your walls – all emit electromagnetic waves (EMFs) which are very harmful to your health. EMF waves do not only interfere with your brainwaves and disrupt regular sleeping cycles, but are also categorized as a class 2B carcinogen (cancer and tumor producing) by the World Health Organization.  You can leave your electronic devices outside your bed room if you want to eliminate EMF exposure, however, you cannot remove the electricity cables from your walls every night. These charging cables, in fact, produce over 1,000 times more EMFs than a modern smartphone.  With these in mind, it is essential that we protect ourselves from such radiation during the eight hours we spend in bed, after all, that is a third of our lives.

The  Original Mattress, our premium model, comes with the Silver Shield. It is comprised of a grounding cable and once plugged into an outlet next to the bed, the Silver Shield technology creates a 1-meter zone around the mattress, which eradicates 99% or more of all EMF waves.  The Silver Shield technology has been tested and certified, and we are happy to show a live demonstration too.


1) It is impossible to determine whether or not you will sleep well on a mattress in a brightly lit showroom, simply by lying down on it for a few minutes. Choose a brand that offers a reasonable trial or exchange period. Our customers get a risk-free 100-night sleep trial, and if our products do not suit them, we pick them up and refund them in full. Great sleep shouldn’t be risky nor expensive.

2) The mattress is probably the only item you use more than your phone. Don’t be afraid to invest into an item that directly effects your well-being and happiness, and you will use for five to ten years of your life. Keep in mind though, everything that’s more than AED7,000 ($1,900) is likely to have a lot of marketing and branding gimmicks attached to it, especially if a motivated sales person is involved.

3)  One of the largest sleeping problems reported globally is issues with too much heat at night. Ensure to look out for products that use open-cell foams and completely breathable fabrics, like our mattress and pillows.

4) Ergonomic Design – Look out for products that adjust to your body to offer optimal support. The bulgy parts of your body (hips and shoulders) are supposed to sink in more to ensure your spine and neck are properly aligned. Just sticking a few different types of foams together isn’t going to get the job done, so try and see the design of the inside of the mattress to assess whether or not it is able to offer you proper alignment.

5) Hypoallergenic products – look out for hypo-allergenic products that prevent congestion, allergies, bacteria, dust mites, and bed bugs. Over two million dust mites will settle in a mattress that is a year or older if it has no protection against them. Look out for products that use long-term preventive measures like silver yarn in the WHISPER mattresses to ensure you are protected against these pests 24/7/365.

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