The Daily Prep Co has revolutionized our smoothie fix

The Daily Prep Co

Founded by two sisters living in Dubai and Toronto, Preeya and Puja Malik, The Daily Prep Co aims to re-invent fast food for the better. The solution? A no-prep smoothie cup filled with flash-frozen real fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, seeds and absolutely no added sugars.

The ready-to-blend smoothies are convenient for those in a rush, and available in flavours including PB&J, Rose Beet, Chia Chai, Pineapple Lime, Berry Crumble, Golden Mylk, Tropical Green, Hazelnut Mocha and Mint Cacao. All you need to do is add your favourite milk or water to the frozen cup, blend and place back into the cup before you head out the door.

Each smoothie is AED29 ($7.89) individually, or they can be purchased in a box size of 2, 4, 6 or 8. We will also soon be offering weekly subscriptions.

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