Samujana has the perfect remedy for insomniacs

The solution to your restless nights lies in a stay at Samujana. Conceived as an extension of the surrounding landscape, Samujana is made up of 24 stunning villas, offering between 1 to 8 bedrooms. Perfectly perched on a hillside overlooking a coral cove, the stunning properties come with private beach access as well as an abundance of facilities and amenities.

Insomniacs and anyone who wants a restful sleep on holiday can try the ‘scents of Samujana’ offering you sweet dreams throughout your stay. Upon check in, your villa manager will present three different fragrances to choose from – scents that will send you into a slumber each evening. From Classic Lemongrass and Nutmeg, Lavender & Lime to Moke, Peeb & Jasmin, the aromatic scents will be lit in each bedroom using an oil burner to create a calm ambience and a tranquil atmosphere. To enhance the chance of sweet dreams, your villa manager will be on hand to draw you a bath, make you a herbal tea or anything else that you might need. Is there a better way to unwind after a long day around the city?

It’s time to switch off your gadgets and find sleep on the stunning island of Koh Samui.

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