The ultimate accessory for lipstick lovers, courtesy of Louis Vuitton 

Over the years, makeup routines have drastically evolved. Back in the day, a simple pressed powder, lipstick, blush, eyeliner and mascara would suffice. Fast track to the 21st century and we now find ourselves wearing layers upon layers to create that au natural look. That said, we still only lug around the products we absolutely need. And even though much has changed in terms of what we wear, what we carry to work, or a night out, is no different from generations ago. Any clues as to which product this may be? If you guessed lipstick or gloss, that’s correct!

Keeping this in mind, Nicholas Ghesquière has created the ultimate it-bag for women of this century. Louis Vuitton’s Lipstick Case was inspired by the delicate makeup and jewellery cases our ancestors carried in the 20s. The mini cylinder can be worn as a statement necklace, a cross body accessory, or even draped over your everyday carryall.

Available in silver and gold, the cases are fitted with a handy mirror tucked inside for those Uber-ride touchups. So, gone are the days when your lipstick was shoved away in a corner of a bag.

Louis Vuitton Lipstick Case, $1,390 (approximately Dhs5,105) at select Louis Vuitton stores. Visit