Say hello to your new best friend, Health Nag

This 3 Day Health Nag Detox Programme is suitable for everyone, even complete beginners who are new to detoxing and fasting. It contains 30 unique herbal shakes that will keep you full for 3 days, while delivering a highly effective cleansing result.

The Health Nag Detox kit has all you need for your overall body reset and the incredible benefits are felt right on completion. It visibly purifies your digestive system, helps to heal your gut, boosts your immunity, clears your skin, and speeds up your metabolism, providing you with new levels of energy you might have not felt before.

The Health Nag 3 Day Detox is 100% plant based and natural, dairy, gluten free and yeast free and comes in 3 variations, unflavoured (AED 650), Passionfruit (AED 670) and Berry (AED 670) and is available at with delivery across the GCC and beyond.

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