These bottles harness the alternative healing energy of natural crystal

crystalWe’ve been quite conscious about carrying refillable glass bottles and refraining from the plastic kind whenever possible. When we came across Victoria Beckham’s Instagram story a few days ago, we delved deep into crystal bottle research, to explore why it’s trending.

Crystals have been surfacing in skincare – Miranda Kerr’s beauty line, Kora Organics is based on the healing power of crystals – and spotted on celebrities repeatedly. Kylie Jenner constantly shows us her wands and grid on Instagram, while Gwyneth Paltrow previously spoke about placing them all over her body.

The latest wellness fix sports a geode in a water bottle to charge your water with healing vibes. Each stone holds certain healing and health properties. For example, rose quartz is for love, tourmaline is said to be detoxifying, while jade is for abundance and success.When the crystal is in water, it vibrates and programmes the water around it, so when you drink it, the water sends the crystal frequency right into your system, feeding it this vibrational energy.

Whether you believe in the power of crystal healing or not, there’s no denying the fact that these bottles are ultra-chic. Shop these Glacce bottles here


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