Discover the power of crystal healing and a spot to try this massage

You can re-energise and rebalance your entire body with crystals, thanks to its healing energy. But which crystal should you pick to reduce muscle pain and remove energy blockages?

Rose Quartz

The universal stone of love. Rose Quartz can open up the heart promoting self-healing and offer inner feelings of peace. From friendship to romance, it is the perfect choice for those who need some harmony.



Stress and anxiety be gone. Encouraging prosperity in every aspect of your life, the green-coloured stone is known to help reduce tension and release all of the worry you are holding onto.


Yellow Tigers Eye

If you are in need of motivation this is the stone for you. Helping to focus the mind, it can help encourage you to make decisions whilst balancing your yin-yang.



This is the stone for the creatives. It helps you trust in yourself. After a massage with this carnelian you are set to trust in yourself ridding your mind of any negative thoughts.


Blue Turquoise 

Containing incredibly powerful healing properties, if you’re feeling under the weather this is the stone for you. Working on detoxifying the body it can even help strengthen the immune system.

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