Jacquie Aiche, Founder of Gypsy Collection explains why crystals are a great addition to your lifestyle and beauty routine


How do crystals work?

Crystal healing has been practiced for thousands of years by ancient cultures across the world. Working through the vibration of the chakras, crystals harness the elements of the Earth to move, absorb, focus, and direct energy within the body. Each gemstone carries its own special properties that can provide magic, healing and happiness.


People are now turning to crystals for healing and wellbeing. How did you get into it?

As a little girl growing up in the Hollywood Hills, I was always attracted to gemstones and minerals. I loved their beauty and I could feel their power. Bringing that energy into my designs has been an amazing experience. I’ve learned which crystals can provide a sense calm and clarity, which can inspire confidence, and which sparks new beginnings. It all came together so naturally – I love that there’s always more magic to explore.


There’s a crystal for everyone, depending on their mood or what they need in life. How do you find the crystal meant for you?

I believe you naturally attract the energy you need most. Spend time exploring each stone – what you find beautiful, what makes you happiest, what brings you pleasure. When you’ve found the crystal that’s right for that moment, you’ll feel it.



Is there a way I can add healing crystals to my beauty routine?

I love using products that are infused with crystal energy in my daily practice. I recently released my Gypsy Collection, which is all of my favorite wellness blends that are hand crafted with crystals charged under the full moon. Whether you’re using the Gypsy Dust to cleanse your space or the Gypsy Mist to refresh and renew, it’s a simple way to introduce the healing energy of gemstones into your ritual for self-care.


Could you please tell me the five types of crystals every woman should have or begin her collection with?

  1. Moonstone is all about vision and dreamwork. This powerful and sacred crystal will provide you with whatever you need to transform your dreams into reality.
  2. Labradorite will heighten your intuition. Keep this crystal close and you will be guided to your soul’s destiny.
  3. Amethyst is your personal shield. Use it as an amulet of positive vibrations, to protect yourself from all forms of negativity.
  4. Opal holds the beauty of a galaxy and the power of lightning. This stone will keep your fire bright and your passions burning.
  5. Rose Quartz is a love spell for empathy. Infused with feminine energy, this stone will open your mind and give you a clear sense of understanding.


Any important things to remember?

Crystals need charging too! Place them outside under the full moon so they’re powered and ready to manifest magic.


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