Dr. Kayle addresses the belly button issue. Yes, there’s a treatment for that too!

No body part is off-limits when it comes to cosmetic surgery and one of the latest trends to emerge is Umbilicoplasty, which is changing the size or shape of your belly button. After Kim Kardashian had the procedure in 2017, the trend became more mainstream.

The belly button is a prominent feature of the stomach and for those who live in a hot climate where we spend a lot of time by the pool or beachside, want their stomachs to look as good as possible. Many of my patients who ask for this procedure are new mums or need to have it to revise the appearance post- weight loss or even post piercing. There is also a procedure for turning your outie into an innie called Umbilical Hernia Repair. It’s usually performed when an outie has formed following pregnancy or heavy exertion, due to tissue, usually fat, protruding through a small hole in the abdominal wall, which makes the belly button bulge outward. Surgery can fix this hole and create an improved aesthetic appearance.

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